Nafs was unveiled in a special and intimate presentation at the Liwan Youth Space, engaging with the audience to gather opinions and suggestions for enhancing the upcoming episodes.

Medical Seminar

It was an exciting opportunity for our team to participate in a medical conference hosted at the Hilton Amman. During the event, Mr. Bashar AlKhatib, our team manager, delivered an engaging speech, highlighting the team's expertise and discussing the vital role of media in promoting medical awareness.

Nafs Season 1 Team

Bashar Alkhatib, Producer and Video Editor

Bashar wore many hats in the first season, not only as a producer, but as an episode writer and video editor, all in line with the director's creative vision.

Alaa Omar, Director

Alaa's creative vision was executed flawlessly as Program Director, overseeing every aspect of the visual and audio production. In addition to her directorial responsibilities, she actively contributed to the formulation of the episodes.

Noor Shawagfeh, Production Assistant

Nour, our talented joker, not only excels in media and production, but also has the amazing ability to cover anywhere efficiently, at any time. During the first season, Nour offered her expertise as a voice director, while also contributing to the scriptwriting process and providing valuable assistance to the production team.

Ruba Maswadeh, Production Assistant and SMM

Ruba, with her exceptional intellect and outstanding abilities, brought a unique touch to the preparation of the episodes. She was also a constant presence with the filming team and took charge of managing our social media platforms.