Preparation begins...

Welcoming the new season, Nafs decided to refresh its logo and make some exciting additions. To mark the occasion, we collaborated with the talented presenter, Reena to host the show and get ready for filming.

And Action...

We have started rolling the camera and filming the episodes of the second season in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with fantastic guests, surpassing our expectations with their answers and the filming  still ongoing.


In late April, the new season of Nafas was launched with two consecutive shows, enjoyable and full of emotions, on the global platform space in Jordan, where interaction occurred with the audience to gather opinions and suggestions to improve the upcoming episodes and discuss the topics of the episodes shown.

Nafs Season 2 Team


Bashar Alkhatib, Producer and Video Editor

During this season, Bashar supervised the department's progress, ensured smooth production execution, and worked on the directorial vision and video editing.

Noor Shawagfeh, Production Assistant

Nour will oversee the presenter's performance, manage camera and lighting duties, and contribute to the new visual direction of the program with the director.

Reena Saadaldeen, Host

Looking for a conversationalist to engage with guests for our new project. Reena, with BBC podcasting experience since a young age, is the ideal interviewer for the upcoming season.

Ruba Maswadeh, Creative Team

Ruba, a founding member, provided guidance, oversaw operations, reviewed queries, and shared insights. Despite being absent during filming, she strived to fulfill her responsibilities and offer remote support.

Lamees Dasseh, Creative Team

Lamees has a unique identity and strong organizational skills, which brought a special touch to the second season's episodes.

Ayman Jumaily, Creative Team

Ayman has skillfully crafted a link that appeals to individuals of all ages, thanks to his inclusive mindset and determination.

Omar Qablawi, Creative Team

Following his appearance as a guest in the initial season, Omar, the gifted child, was recruited to be part of the Nafs team to assist in episode preparation and guest selection.