Shams Team

Bashar Alkhatib, Manager

With his extensive experience in the industry, Bashar brings a unique set of skills to our team. As the founder and decision maker, his creative background as an actor and drama coach adds a fresh perspective to our productions. Furthermore, his exceptional management abilities make him a perfect fit for the role of producer on the projects we undertake.

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Ruba Maswadeh, CO-Founder

Ruba's exceptional insight and ability to accurately interpret data make her an indispensable member of our team. She played a key role in establishing the team, and continues to actively contribute to shaping our future plans, identifying suitable projects, and ensuring their successful implementation.

Noor Shawagfeh, CO-Founder

From the beginning, Nour has been a reliable and dedicated member of the team, committed to the success of our project. Her unwavering confidence in Shams motivates her to be present in every situation, ensuring the smooth progress of our work. Additionally, her distinct perspective brings valuable diversity to our team's collective vision.

Mohammad Abu Saleem, Consultunt

There are moments when our vision can become blurred and our intense focus on work can hinder our ability to accurately evaluate situations. Thankfully, we have an outstanding advisor in Mohamed who can guide us back onto the right path and play a pivotal role in charting the team's course on a consistent basis. With his integrated personality, exceptional planning and implementation skills, and wealth of experience, he possesses a remarkable ability to perceive situations from a unique perspective.